Biological Medicine by Dr Rau

Biological Medicine focuses on the body as a whole and looks at more than just treating symptoms to determine why you are in disorder. All our physicians are working towards this principle and combines them with their own findings in order to work for your overall well-being.  


First of all, the root causes of your disorder will be identified and following an individual treatment plan will be developed which focuses of improving your whole condition not just your symptoms. Over the past years, Dr Rau has developed its program in order to offer you a successful treatment based on these principles.


The treatment programs focus on you as a person and on some simple basics of Biological Medicine. These include regular cleansing and detoxification of the body, building up the gastrointestinal tract in order to achieve an optimal absorption of vitamins, minerals and important nutrients, that are necessary for health. Strengthening the immune system to promote healing and prevent later outbreaks of diseases. In addition to the treatments, it is necessary to follow an alkalizing diet so that a balanced inner milieu can be achieved.


We call our medicine biological because it uses the methods of life itself – it is “bio-logical”.

In the condition we call health, the body is in a constant conversation with the given environment, taking in nutrition, responding to threats of infection, growing and repairing and detoxifying, all happening moment by moment, in a symphony of life.