Multiple sclerosis (MS)


Experience has shown us that the onset of this disease is often seen during early adulthood. We often receive visits after the diagnosis of MS has already been made. Then comes the question what can be done to control the development of the disease over time and how to improve the overall situation.


It is not presumptuous to say that “neurological diseases are in the domain of Dr. Rau’s Biological Medicine.”

Why? We seek out the root causes of the disease and treat them. We treat not only the inflammatory and destructive processes affecting the nerve sheaths, but also, in parallel, we promote their restoration.


Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that is practically always based on three main root causes:

  • Toxic loads
  • Defective regulation of the immune system – practically always in connection with the intestines and an improper nutrition
  • Degradation of the myelin sheaths – that can specifically be restored