Carol Idone

Therapist in Psychology & Psychotherapy


As an experienced psychotherapist with roots in New York and a deep connection to Switzerland, I have been practicing my profession in St. Gallen for decades. The core of my work is to accompany people on their journey of personal growth and to assist them in expanding their consciousness. It is truly enriching to witness clients achieve depth and breadth in their lives and develop inner strength through self-reflection to meet life's challenges.


The integration of psychotherapy and acupressure in my practice enhances the body's natural self-healing processes and complements medical treatment holistically.

Vincent Bekkering

Therapist and Coach


For me, I aim to help adults and children on various levels and to support them in achieving their physical and mental health in the long term. By releasing adhesions in the fascial tissue or removing emotional blockages, the patient can regain their maximum mobility. Answering the question "why" is what motivates me in my daily work and can help people to solve problems and move forward in their lives.