General Terms of Business (GTB)

of BioMed Center Sonnenberg AG (BMCS), Sonnenberg 16, 9103 Schwellbrunn, Switzerland

1. Scope

These “General Terms of Business” (GTB) apply to all services rendered by BioMed Center Sonnenberg AG (BMCS). Alternative agreements must be in written form. By returning a signed questionnaire the client declares agreement with the terms of the GTB and agrees to be bound by them.


Should individual clauses of this GTB document become totally or partially invalid, for mandatory legal reasons, then the other clauses of this GTB document remain unchanged.


Root cause treatment instead of tackling symptoms

The Sonnenberg (BMCS) key to success is a holistic approach to treatment which is referred to as “Biological Medicine”. The treatments are based on concepts and remedies derived from nature.

The holistic approach means for us the assessment of each person and their individual needs, requiring the connection between body, mind and soul. This includes a close cooperation between our medicine and holistic dental treatments.


2. General Information

Our doctors will explain to you, in detail, the proposed course of treatment that has been individually adapted to you and they will work together with you towards the goals of the treatment. Short term changes cannot always be accommodated and we ask for your understanding in this matter. Further we would like to bring to your attention that the treating doctor may change over time.
During your stay with us, it is very important that you are mobile. If this is not the case you must be accompanied by a person who assists you. Our guests are forbidden to use telephones in all rooms of BMCS.

We would like to point out to you that various equipment and devices in our building can cause electromagnetic radiation.

Separation hotel and day clinic
BioMed Center Sonnenberg is a biological outpatient day clinic with opening hours from 8:00 - 12:00 and 13:00 - 17:00. No patient care or monitoring is provided outside of opening hours. BMCS has an internal emergency service to which you can refer patients outside opening hours. This is provided by our physicians on a rotating basis and is based on a stand-by service.
The Health Hotel Sonnenberg is not a medical facility and cannot take care of patients in need of nursing care. Only gastronomic services are offered.
Sonnenberg Health Hotel and BioMed Center Sonnenberg are two separate legal entities. The hotel does not offer any health services!


It is not allowed to bring pets into the medical treatment areas of BMCS. This is because of our hygiene standards.


3. Conclusion of the contract

Following the sending of a completed questionnaire, the client can request a non-binding cost estimate for an outpatient or inpatient stay. Included in the offer are the medical treatments, but external services are excluded, e.g., laboratory investigations, medicines, X-rays, accommodation, meals etc.


In Biological Medicine the planned therapy is individually adapted to the client and can only be definitive after assessment at our facilities. Therefore, the invoice may vary from the cost estimate.

Only after signing the questionnaire can the contract come into force and by giving the signature the client states that they have read the terms of the GTB and agrees to be bound by them.


4. Identification of the contractual partner

Your contractual partner is BioMed Center Sonnenberg AG:

BioMed Center Sonnenberg AG

Sonnenberg 16

CH-9053 Schwellbrunn AR

Company Identification Number (UID) and VAT (MWST) No.:  CHE-163.541.466


5. Payment conditions

5.1. Prepayment

A prepayment is required for an inpatient stay that covers one or several weeks. This prepayment is for the sum of CHF 5,000 and payment can be made via bank transfer or via a payment link for credit cards. The stay with us can only be planned after receipt of the prepayment.


5.2. Payments during your stay

When the duration of the stay with us covers a number of weeks, the client is bound to provide additional payments on a weekly basis by credit card. The client will receive a list of billed treatments. In the case of unpaid additional invoices during the stay, BMCS reserves the right to cancel additionally planned treatment appointments.

If the client requests a list of billed treatments on a more frequent basis, there will be, for each additional list, an administrative charge of CHF 10 to be paid.


At the end of the stay, the total outstanding charges are to be paid by credit card. Our guests are requested to check that their credit limit is appropriate for the amount invoiced.


5.3. Payment for outpatient treatment

If the client has a Swiss health insurance, the invoice and the reclaim document will be sent to the client. The reclaim document can then be forwarded to the health insurance company. However the client is contracted to pay BMCS in advance as each individual health insurance company has their own terms and conditions.


For all other clients the invoice amount is due immediately after the treatment and can be paid by cash or credit card.

Should the client not comply with the payment conditions, BMCS reserves the right to cancel booked appointments or request a prepayment.


6. Appointments

Should the agreed times or dates for appointments not be observed due to external factors such as pandemics, natural disasters, war, accidents and illnesses, government rules, etc. then the appointments will be appropriately rescheduled. 


If it is not possible to define new appointments, the prepayment will be paid back and the contract cancelled.


7. Cancellation and non-attendance


7.1. Outpatient treatments

Outpatient treatments can be cancelled without penalty latest 24 hours in advance. For cancellations within 24 hours or non-attendance there will be a cancellation charge in accordance with the valid invoicing rules and the appropriate invoice raised.


7.2. Inpatient stays of one or more weeks

If a client cancels his/her stay of one or more weeks, the following cancellation charges apply for the administrative costs already expended:

Rescheduling the stay 

CHF 400.00

Cancellation more than 14 days prior to the starting date

CHF 700.00

Cancellation less than 14 days prior to the starting date or non-attendance

CHF 1'300.00


The cancellation charges will be directly deducted from the prepayment amount and the remaining amount of the prepayment will be credited to the provided bank account. With this refund, the contract is canceled.


8. Warranty

BMCS commits to exercising the utmost care while rendering its services and to maintaining a high standard of quality throughout the treatment program.


The quality standards of the food served in the in-house restaurant and the associated hotel rooms are regularly reviewed.


9. Date protection guidelines

The data protection guidelines are contained in a separate document. This can be seen online on our website


10. Place of jurisdiction

The exclusive place of jurisdiction for all legal relationships and disputes arising from this treatment contract is Schwellbrunn, AR, Switzerland. All legal relationships and disputes with BioMed Center Sonnenberg AG shall be governed exclusively by Swiss substantive law.

If you have any questions about our GTB please contact us.

BioMed Center Sonnenber AG

Sonnenberg 16

CH-9103 Schwellbrunn AR



+41 71 353 36 36 



If there is any dispute over the content of these GTB the German language version takes precedence.