Medical treatments

Multi-modular biological treatment to enable optimal treatment of root causes



The medical team at the Sonnenberg clinic is specialized in difficult but also “unclear” illnesses. However, simple health problems are treated using the same treatment concept that treats the root causes and, uses a multi-modular approach to restore the proper functioning of the organs.

The combination and application of various medical and therapeutic treatments are combined very individually. 

We do not treat diagnoses, but rather people and compile the therapies individually depending on the specific root causes. We strive, via the synergies of various procedures from various disciplines, to improve optimally our patients’ health. The synergy effect of the various treatment procedures is the key; just as pain and health deficits have several, very different causes, physical as well as psychological.

The basis is always identifying the root causes of the health disorder, for which the most holistic and modern methods are applied. We treat root causes and not only symptoms.

Therapeutical treatments


To support your treatment success, our therapy team will help you with a therapy plan individualized to your needs. Whereby they provide their expertise even in cases of tension, congestion, and blockages of all kinds.


The focus of all therapies is to evaluate the root causes of your complaints to offer a holistic treatment. The treatments are individualized for you and will be continuously checked and adjusted by our therapy team, in consultation with our doctors.


Our therapists will give you special exercises and tips that you can use independently at home to ensure your long-term success - our team is always available to answer your questions at