Biomedical Health Center

At the BioMed Center Sonnenberg, you can identify the real causes of your complaints and address them appropriately. You can also fully understand the causes of your ailments and eliminate them effectively in approaching a multi-modular approach, named Biological Medicine. It is distinguished by its holistic approach, which does not consider only your symptoms, but consistently includes their origins, findings from nutritional medicine, and your body's own defense system. The BioMed Center Sonnenberg offers a holistic approach to treatment, nutrition, and recovery.


Root cause analysis rather than symptomatic treatment


People need a light in their life but cannot live from this alone. We must also breathe. Holistic approach means to understand relationships. Many medicaments reduce pain but do not help your body to remove the causes of the illness. What you really need is a holistic basic therapy with detoxification, “milieu” regulation and rehabilitation (internal “milieu” is the internal environment; that being the fluids, blood and lymph, bathing the cells). Your whole body will be supplied with strength and energy to promote your defense mechanism and activate your self-healing powers. Heave a sigh of relieve; live free from pains and all this without chemicals and operations.


Holistic concept

Visitor voices

For years I was treated by conventional Western medicine for a recurring serious skin complaint with steroid tablets and skin creams.  The treatment never managed to give me sustained relief.

A friend recommended I see Dr Rau and it is not an exaggeration to say that it has changed my life.  

The treatment I have received at Dr Rau’s clinic is nothing short of miraculous. I can arrive at the clinic with my skin in a terrible condition and I can leave it only a few days later with it cleared. And my skin stays clear for years.

His approach accelerates a process of gut and organ detoxification that re-boots my adrenalin gland. Although I am no doctor I believe Dr Rau has been decades ahead of his time with conventional medicine now catching up and focusing more on reducing acidity and improving gut health.

I truly do not know what I would do if I could not be treated by Dr Rau – it is not something I wish to contemplate.

J. B. 

Welcome - Kindness - Professionalism - Results

I came here after a relapse of leukemia with an XXL spleen that could have gone into the record books. My oncologist recommended a new chemotherapy (made for elephants) or surgery. After a week at the clinic, the first results were in: Vitality and energy restored, clarity of mind, incredible blood test results!

After 3 weeks, my doctor told me that my blood tests no longer showed leukemia, and my spleen was almost back to its normal size. Thank you Dr. Rau for the ecosystem you've created! Quality, peaceful accommodation, excellent, healthy food, a dedicated, professional team and excellent care. A synergy that helped me on my way to recovery. Infinite gratitude for that!



Accueil - Bienveillance - Professionnalisme - Résultats

Je suis venu suite à une rechute pour une leucémie avec une rate XXL qui pouvait rentrer au livre des records. Mon oncologue me recommandait une nouvelle chimiothérapie (faite pour les éléphants) ou bien une opération chirurgicale. Après une semaine à la clinique les premiers résultats étaient au RDV : Vitalité et énergie retrouvée, Clarté d'esprit, résultats d'analyse du sang incroyable !

Après 3 semaines mon médecin me dit que mes analyses de sang ne manifestent plus la leucémie et ma rate est presque à sa taille normale. Merci Dr Rau pour cet écosystème que vous avez su créer ! Hébergement de qualité et paisible, une nourriture saine et excellente, une équipe dévouée et professionnelle, des soins performants. Une synergie qui m'a permis de cheminer vers ma guérison. Gratitude infinie pour cela !

Gantois D., Lausanne

You cannot imagine how important and life-changing my visit to the clinic was.

Thank you again for everything. Hope to see you again soon next time I can come.

Best to Leah Lara Lilli Tina and all!

W. B.

All employees in the medical area are competent and convincingly committed to providing patients with the best possible care. Mrs. Alexandra Kotthaus, our doctor, has contributed significantly to the fact that our stay in the center will most likely lead to a successful recovery. Our intensive week in Schwellbrunn gave us strength and confidence. We are very grateful to all of you.

S. und. K. Oegerli, Solothurn

It is with deep gratitude I write this review on my experience under the care of Dr Thomas Rau at Biomed Center Sonnenberg.


I am from Singapore. My first consultation with Dr Rau was via Zoom in March 2023. I was then in a dire state after being infected with Covid in November 2022 which I believe caused my 10 years advanced breast cancer to metastasise 2 months later in January 2023. I was in pain and was not able to sleep, waking up by the hour. I had an open wound with lymphorhea at my breast as well as lymphoedema at my left arm. I was no longer functional as I could not use my arm, not being able to even bear the weight of my handphone. The wound was weeping with a fluid that had a strong odour. It was probably pus. I hunched and crouched from the pain and could no longer stand upright.


In 2020 when I was formally diagnosed with breast cancer, I was under conventional treatment,  taking targeted drugs from a conventional doctor in Singapore. However I decided to stop taking the drug after 5 months as I wanted to heal naturally, fearing the long term side effects of the drug. I hold the belief that the body is able to heal itself once given the right conditions. However after being infected with covid in Nov 2022, the cancer got out of hand. I needed help.


My first trip to Biomed Center Sonnenberg was in mid April 2023. I chose Biomed Center Sonnenberg because Dr Rau’s approach to healing the body resonated with me. After watching his videos, I made the decision to make a trip to Biomed Center Sonnenberg.


I spent 4 weeks at the clinic in April.  Within a short span of 4 days of Dr Rau’s treatment, I experienced a relief of my discomfort and pain which dissipated and I slept through the night which I am so grateful for; I had not slept through the night for many months. By the end of 4 weeks, the weeping of the wound was reduced and the lump shrank. I was able to stand upright, walk, jog and function physically. I was able to use my arms again. After returning to Singapore, I continued with Dr Rau’s prescribed Home Treatment. The lump continued to shrink and eventually became flat after 2 months in July 2023. The wound healed and there was no more weeping and bleeding from the wound.  I can stand upright again and my arms is able to carry heavy things like pots again. I am most grateful and thankful to Dr Rau for the effectiveness of his treatment.   I returned to the clinic in July to continue with Dr Rau’s follow up treatment.


Dr Rau is a very humane doctor. He is skilled, talented and very experienced. He is like the Sherlock Holmes of the medical world. I have yet to meet a dedicated doctor with such medical skills on the art of healing.  In my experience, the effectiveness of his treatment is nothing short of amazing. But most importantly, he is gentle, kind, caring, humble and compassionate. He is passionate about healing people, easing their pain and suffering.  When I told him he is well loved by his patients, he replied that his patients are always in his mind. He is the kind of man who is honest and sincere. His advise is not clouded with vested interest but is focussed on finding the best and effective treatment option for his patients.


With deepest gratitude, I thank Dr Rau sincerely for all he has done for me. I am glad I made the decision to trust and believe in him.

Mrs C. Lim

Dear Clinical Team,

I was recently a patient in the clinic, and I want to thank you for the amazing experience you provided. I have learned so much about my health – how to regain my health now, and how to stay healthy in the future.

All of you, together, created a welcoming and healing environment where I felt well cared for. Even in the painful & difficult times.

Thank you again!

Kelly N. from Ireland

The word ‘Miracle’ has a new and true meaning for me and my family. Miracles do happen, provided you listen to your inner voice and follow the path of ‘Faith’ and ‘Logic’, along with Science (in our case), with dedication and focus, from a place of Faith & not ‘Fear’.

Anonymous Mom.
March 2021

I have been in 4 holistic clinics before to treat breast cancer and this one is outstanding in every way . I came for dr Rau expertise and wealth of"


This has been the most amazing week in every way!

I had no thought I could undertake 1/4 of these appointments and types of treatments. I’m beyond encouraged, super hopeful, massively grateful, and full of faith as I embark on week two!

Everyone single therapist, nurse, practitioner, doctor, hotel staff, chef, and administrative liaison (with you being numero uno) has been absolutely incredible. It’s ten times more beautiful and breathtaking, and I’ve so enjoyed getting to know other patient guests from around the world.

Truly, my experience has exceeded any expectation I had. I feel like the Sonnenberg poster child/old lady!