Sonnenberg is the way that leads to your well-being

Your body is an incredible work of wonder. However, it functions only if everything remains in balance. In everyday life that is not so easy. Migraines, pains and infections – these are traces of your life. Your body remembers everything. What is good: who finds the trigger is able to minimize the symptoms and fight them sustainably at the core of the problem.


The BioMed Center Sonnenberg allows you to get to the bottom of the actual causes of your ailments, to understand them and to eliminate them. We do not reduce your treatment to the level of symptoms, but rather integrate consequently the origins, findings of the dietary medicine and your body defense system. The BioMed Center Sonnenberg is a holistic approach comprising treatment, diet and recovery:


Root cause analysis rather than symptomatic treatment


People need a light in their life but cannot live from this alone. We must also breathe. Holistic approach means to understand relationships. Many medicaments reduce pain but do not help your body to remove the causes of the illness. What you really need is a holistic basic therapy with detoxification, “milieu” regulation and rehabilitation (internal “milieu” is the internal environment; that being the fluids, blood and lymph, bathing the cells). Your whole body will be supplied with strength and energy to promote your defense mechanism and activate your self-healing powers. Heave a sigh of relieve; live free from pains and all this without chemicals and operations.

Visitor voices

I have been in 4 holistic clinics before to treat breast cancer and this one is outstanding in every way . I came for dr Rau expertise and wealth of"


The word ‘Miracle’ has a new and true meaning for me and my family. Miracles do happen, provided you listen to your inner voice and follow the path of ‘Faith’ and ‘Logic’, along with Science (in our case), with dedication and focus, from a place of Faith & not ‘Fear’.

Anonymous Mom.
March 2021

You cannot imagine how important and life-changing my visit to the clinic was.

Thank you again for everything. Hope to see you again soon next time I can come.

Best to Leah Lara Lilli Tina and all!

W. B.

This has been the most amazing week in every way!

I had no thought I could undertake 1/4 of these appointments and types of treatments. I’m beyond encouraged, super hopeful, massively grateful, and full of faith as I embark on week two!

Everyone single therapist, nurse, practitioner, doctor, hotel staff, chef, and administrative liaison (with you being numero uno) has been absolutely incredible. It’s ten times more beautiful and breathtaking, and I’ve so enjoyed getting to know other patient guests from around the world.

Truly, my experience has exceeded any expectation I had. I feel like the Sonnenberg poster child/old lady!


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