Feedback of an anonymous mom


The word ‘Miracle’ has a new and true meaning for me and my family. Miracles do happen, provided you listen to your inner voice and follow the path of ‘Faith’ and ‘Logic’, along with Science(in our case), with dedication and focus, from a place of Faith & not ‘Fear’.

Last year in August 2020, My 17 years old daughter was diagnosed with what is the most Dreaded Word in The world, the ‘C’ word, T-ALL(to be precise), a type of Lymphoblastic leukemia. The first diagnosis said it was a type of Lymphoma, namely NHL,& Bone Marrow not involved. But we were told by a few doctors that it's not very typical for this age group to get NHL. So We went in for a second diagnosis on the same samples, which we sent to MSK, NY. The report they sent us was T-cell ALL, BM involved at 30%or so. 


We were devastated. We rushed to NY and after another biopsy at MSK Pediatric, resulting in the same result as the previous one by MSK, we were advised to start the treatment immediately. We were living the worst nightmare ever. We couldn't believe this happened to a perfectly healthy child, with no other symptoms whatsoever except for the visible,non-painful lymph nodes swellings. We reached out to a few senior homeopaths back home, they were confident that their treatments would work on her, and that we should avoid chemo since her case was very initial and we need not really panic. 


On the other side, we were put under tremendous fear and pressure by the MSK oncologists to start treatment as soon as possible. We had to make a decision! So, we paid up the TOTAL(HUGE)amount in advance to the hospital, as per their demand at the time, to start treatment. (they did reimburse the balance to us)


The first cycle was of 28 days, and somewhere on week 3 my daughter started feeling totally dazed mentally, her nervous system was badly affected, she had lost muscle power totally, she couldn't walk, sit or stand up without support, she kept falling every time she walked a few steps, her knees would just give in....& the worst, most devastating thing for any teen of losing her beautiful hair began with her losing bunches and bunches every hour. Her blood counts dropped to alarming levels by the end of the first cycle. 


ALL THESE WERE APPARENTLY TYPICAL SIDE EFFECTS OF CHEMO, and the doctors were very cool & calm about it.

We did another BM test after the 28days cycle.  The result said MRD of 2.9%. 


Before starting treatment, The doctors had told us that according to their protocol, she should be MRD negative right after the first cycle, but after the result came, they said that though they were very disappointed with the MRD, they were hopeful that it should be clear after cycle 2, of the 2 Years long Protocol treatment plan. 


What shook my family most at this point was when her ECG / EKG Reports showed abnormalities, and her heartbeat would be going at 130-135 per min, she used to complain about feeling too Uneasy in the heart, but the doctors were like ‘oh that's a side effect of Daunorubisin’,. ‘’It happens..!! But we must continue with the second cycle as planned, we cannot delay”!


By now, my daughter, who is a strong headed rebellious teen, started rebelling against the treatment, refusing to take any more chemo, steroids, etc. .. she said ”the chemo will kill me, not the diagnosis”... !! Since we as elders, and as a family was already shaken with seeing the side effects of just one cycle, we were also dreading to what would happen if we continued, especially with her EKG / heart being affected.


So, we started searching for ALTERNATIVE TREATMENT OPTIONS !! For almost 2 weeks, my entire family was at it, googling, calling, consulting every possible option which seemed convincing. 

But no center or treatment plan was seeming strong enough for us to make a decision, it is the MOST IMPORTANT DECISION OF OUR ENTIRE LIVES!!


Then, one day, a family member called and suggested we look up a clinic called Paracelsus in Switzerland, and before we (the elders) could actually start looking it up, my daughter went ahead and read in detail about the treatments offered, and that's when SHE found DR THOMAS RAU.... this is where our MIRACLE  started taking shape!

It was almost like she had found HER SAVIOUR!! 


She kept insisting to get on a video call with Dr. Thomas Rau, she would not stop demanding, pleading, even fighting with us to get Dr. Thomas Rau and no one else, until we somehow managed to get a friend in Austria to get in touch and arrange for a consultation online with Dr. Rau. 


Finally, we had the consultation with Him. He was alarmed at the low blood counts and advised us to not do more chemo until her counts were better. But what we wanted was to stop chemo altogether, and go to him to get an alternative treatment for my daughter & that's what she was adamant about too.


At first, Dr. Rau said it would not be advisable to travel with her immunity so low, and on our request, he sent us some vitamins to boost her immunity. He was hesitant to take up the case as he was going to be leaving Paracelsus in a few weeks but said that we could get the immunity-boosting at Paracelsus under another doctor there. 

But we had decided that we didn't want to be under any other doctor, besides Dr. Thomas Rau, and we literally folded hands to him, that when her immunity is a bit better, to somehow take our case and find a way to directly treat my daughter. 


After much to and fro, Dr. Rau agreed, and everything just starting working out in our favor. 

We reached Switzerland (God’s Land) and started the immunity-boosting & anti-tumor therapies with Dr. Rau (at the Alpstein clinic, Dr. Ralf Oettmeier) in December’20. 

In Jan ‘21, we did a BM test at St Gallen children's hospital for T-MRD, & to our relief, the result said 0.025% ‘suspicious cells’... this was MIRACULOUS!! 


The consulting oncologist, despite the good result, said a lot of scary and terrifying things to us, urging us to definitely start chemo as soon as possible.

Of course, we were ecstatic with the report, but still, due to the previous diagnosis, which we couldn't overlook, we continued with the BioMed therapies for another week & then gave it a break for 3 weeks & then we flew back to Switzerland in Feb’21 and started the therapies at Dr. Rau’s new Biomed Center, Sonnenberg. We were there for another 2 weeks. Then we returned home and had to plan another test/procedure to monitor and know the status of the bm, which we wanted to actually do again at the Kinderspital in St Gallen, but the oncologist(same dr) REFUSED. She said they would not do my daughter’s test at their hospital, because we went ‘Against’ her advice earlier in Jan, and did not continue with the Chemo Protocol. In fact, we even had a meeting with her on our 2nd trip on Feb’21, to request her, to agree to do the BM test, which she not only refused but also said the most horrific and inhuman things to my daughter, one of them being:

“Say Yes to CHEMO, IF YOU WANT TO LIVE”... !!!!! 

How can you tell any person( let be a teenager) such CRUEL Words!!

As a mother, I was APPALLED & FURIOUS & I remember telling Dr. Greiner, “dr there is a God Above & I have faith HE is guiding us”.!! 

Well, luckily we returned home & did the tests last week in our city, and sent the slides to 3 super-advanced pathology labs...

And .. AMEN... all three reports have come -“ MRD NEGATIVE” clear????????


If this is not a MIRACLE, then what is!!?

Well, I could write a book on this, but for now, I just want to THANK good souls and humans like DR THOMAS RAU, and his team for their knowledge and their practice and their humanity????????????????my entire family THANKS YOU & sends you LOADS OF BLESSINGS and LOVE Daily????????


We will continue on this path, of BioMed Therapy for my daughter with Dr. Thomas Rau,  till as long as Dr feels it is necessary. We have full faith in Dr. Rau & his Remedies, and I wish that more people around the globe would know about Biomed Center! 

Thank you once again, Dr. Rau????????

an Anonymous Mom,