Darkfield microscopy

Examination of vital blood



This examination is used as an integral part of the assessment of the body's regulatory capacity.


Dynamic processes such as metabolic processes, regulatory processes, and adaptability represent crucial criteria for a person's health. These can be well assessed with the dark field microscopy examination of the vital blood. In this examination, a small drop of blood, without staining is examined directly under the microscope. The blood is observed under light and puts the cells and plasma under strong oxidative stress. This gives conclusions about the cell and milieu situation and how resistant the cells are to redox and oxygen changes.


Hardly any other examination shows so quickly, conclusions about dynamic processes in the body if there is an appropriate experience of the examiner. This dynamic is an important element in the evaluation of a patient compared to the static and organ-related approach. Dark field microscopy is in no way a diagnostic instrument with which organ diagnoses or nosological diagnoses can be made. Rather, the method allows the assessment of pathogenic stresses and disease tendencies.


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