Lara Gomez

dipl. Nursing FH


As a nature-oriented person, I learned early to draw my strength from nature. My curiosity and openness has led me in recent years through various areas in nursing / traditional medicine. Due to my own interests, I have expanded my knowledge of traditional medicine more and more with that of natural medicine. As a trained leader, I am always motivated to expand my knowledge at all levels and share it with my team. The unexpected opportunity to enter biomedicine came at the right moment when I was looking for a new challenge. It has allowed me to expand my knowledge to the point where I can provide natural, comprehensive & needs-based care.


"Throughout my career, I have realized how important it is to maintain the balance between body and mind in order to stay healthy. To assist and advise the person as a holistic individual in this process, I see as a valuable task of my work as a nurse."

Career & Education

  • Nursing specialist HF
  • Several years of experience in acute, long-term and outpatient care
  • Several years of experience as team leader
  • Various travels in the last 5 years