Classic massage


During the classic massage, various techniques such as kneading, stroking and mobilization are combined with the aim to loosen and relax the muscles and fasciae of the body. The classic massage achieves an increased blood flow through the tissues and promotes the excretion of pollutants and waste products. Additionally, the increased blood flow results in improved oxygen and nutrient levels in the tissues which helps the regeneration and renewal of cells. It can, therefore, lead to pain relief, improvement in wound healing and reduction of stress hormones.

Lymphatic drainage


The vessels of the lymphatic system transport approximately two liters per day of interstitial fluid. This fluid, usually referred to as lymphatic fluid, carries away waste products, dead cells and proteinaceous waste which are excreted from the body. The lymphatic drainage is a very gentle and relaxing technique which supports the natural process and when there is a build-up of water in the tissues this technique promotes its drainage.


In BioMed Center Sonnenberg we use the detoxification effect of this technique to support the health cures aimed at detoxification and elimination of unwanted substances.



This technique uses special glass vessels (cups) that are placed on the skin with vacuum. This vacuum leads to the channeling of the “old” blood towards the surface tissues, the overall blood flow is stimulated and the flow of lymph activated. The cupping often leaves behind significant redness of the skin or even bruising. These may remain visible for up to circa one week after completion of the therapy.



This technique is one of the most important treatment methods in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Specific points on the body are stimulated by pricking with very thin needles. The aim of the acupuncture is to harmonize the flow of energy and by this process to treat the ailments as well as to activate the self-healing powers.



The knowledge associated with poultices stems from olden times, however it has over time, due to the development of modern medicine, become ever more pushed to the edge (marginalized). The BioMed Center Sonnenberg appreciates this knowledge and uses the method of poultices to reduce pain, muscular tension, inflammation and also for detoxification.


To achieve the aimed effect, the poultices contain additives such as plant extracts and/or essential oils etc. and moreover the stimulation is strengthened by heating or cooling the poultice.

Foot reflexology massage


This therapy treats various zones of the foot using special pressure and stroking techniques. The zones are connected with the whole body such that we can influence, in a targeted manner, various regions and functions of the body. The organs, the hormonal and lymphatic system as well as the whole musculoskeletal system are stimulated and harmonized. The self-healing powers of the body are activated.

Connective tissue massage


This massage is a reflex zone massage. It involves the manual stimulation of the fasciae and this treats the underlying structures. The stimulation of the skin is conducted through the nerve structures and is transmitted directly to the inner organs so that the organs are regulated. The process also seeks to harmonize the vegetative nervous system.