Rochelle Scola 2

Rochelle Scola

Medical practice assistant (MPA)


After my apprenticeship as a medical assistant, I gained experience in conventional medicine. In 2014, I decided to make a change and joined Dr. Rau's team. It was there that my interest in biomedicine was awakened, which continues to fascinate and motivate me to this day.

As a mother of two, I am proud to be part of the dedicated Sonnenberg team. Not only can I contribute my many years of experience in administering infusions, but I can also continuously develop and demonstrate my in-depth knowledge of the medical field.


 “In my work, I find a valuable balance to everyday life as a mother. I particularly appreciate the informal atmosphere in the team and the personal contact with patients”

Career and education

  • Basic apprenticeship as MPA
  • 6 years in General Medicine
  • 3-month English language stay in Hawaii
  • Engaged in Biomedicine for 8 years with a focus on:
    • Infusion therapy, including ozone and chelation therapy
    • Laboratory analyses and blood withdrawals
    • Whole-body hyperthermia therapy (Iratherm)
    • Thermography
    • HRV (Heart Rate Variability)