Jeannine Elser

Medical practice assistant (EFZ)
Therapeutic masseuse


After training as a medical practice assistant, Jeannine was able to gain valuable experience in various areas of orthodox medicine and deepen her expertise in the fields of emergency, orthopedics, and the operating room. The complex interrelationships of the human body and its nature have fascinated Jeannine for many years. Building on this, she completed her training as a therapeutic masseuse while working. Working in the field of biological medicine gives her the chance to expand her knowledge and skill set. The opportunity to work in both nursing and therapy gives Jeannine great fulfillment and joy.


"Applying a personalized therapy that is coordinated with the patient

is something I value highly."

Career & Education

  • Training in biological medicine
  • Training as a therapeutic masseuse
  • Specialized knowledge in emergency and orthopedics
  • Training as a medical practice assistant