Laura Schaier

Medical Secretary


During my training as a medical assistant, I had the privilege of carrying out a variety of tasks and coming into contact with a wide range of people. After completing my training, I expanded my wealth of experience by working in various medical facilities. It was here that I discovered my interest in the field of medical secretarial work and therefore decided to pursue further training in this area.

After an enriching six-month trip abroad, I joined the Sonnenberg team through a job advertisement, where I immediately felt at home. The opportunity to deepen my knowledge of conventional medicine, which I had acquired in my previous job, and to develop my growing interest in holistic treatment methods is fulfilling. 


"I am convinced that holistic approaches should not only aim to treat symptoms, but also to understand and treat the causes. This conviction motivates me to make my contribution to the BioMed Center and develop innovative solutions for healthcare together with my team."

Career and education

  • 6-month trip and language study trip to Canada and America
  • Advanced training as a medical secretary
  • Experience in various medical facilities (Spitex, KSSG and nursing home)
  • Basic apprenticeshipas as medical assistant