Dominique Lara Burkard

Head of Therapy


Dominique Lara Burkard is our senior therapist in the BioMed Center Sonnenberg, a medical masseuse and yoga teacher with heart and soul. She loves to change between movement and relaxation. She integrates her manual therapies, meditational and massage techniques seamlessly into the holistic approaches of biological therapy. Dominique helps you to strengthen, to stretch and to mobilize your body.


 “For me it is important to recognize a patient as a whole and to individually care for that person. I have learned various massage techniques over the years that can be used in this individual care.”

Career and education

  • Educated as a medical masseuse at the medical college in St. Gallen, Switzerland
  • Since 2018 medical masseuse under Dr. Rau
  • Since 2020 qualified yoga teacher (RYS 200)