Dr. med. Jürgen Strein

General practitioner


The study of human medicine and his previous activities showed Dr. Strein that working with people on the basis of natural and spiritual science is exactly the right thing for him. Already during his studies, Dr. Strein developed an interest in naturopathic therapies, and in the course of his further training as a specialist in general medicine, Dr. Strein worked for two years in a biologically focused practice, where he learned naturopathic therapies as well as biological cancer therapy.


In particular, hyperthermia, hematogenous oxidation therapy, therapy with thymus and spleen peptides, mistletoe therapy, vitamin high-dose therapies, neural therapy according to Huneke as well as orthomolecular medicine were applied.


"I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge at BioMed Center Sonnenberg

together with our patients."


Career and academic studies

  • Study of human medicine in Lübeck, Würzburg and Homburg an der Saar

  • Further training as a specialist in general medicine

  • Further training in occupational medicine

  • Further training in anesthesia 9 months

  • Further training in pediatrics and child and adolescent psychiatry 17 months

  • Further training in internal medicine 36 months

  • Continuing education in general medicine 24 months

  • Qualification in emergency medical services 2007 and additional qualification in emergency medicine 2010

  • Advanced training in biological cancer therapy

  • Advanced training in systemic therapy

  • Specialist in general medicine 2014

  • Advanced training in diving and sports medicine

  • Several years of self-employment in his practice


Areas of expertise: 

Biological cancer therapy, orthomolecular medicine, phytotherapy, neural therapy, dark field microscopy (in training).