Dr. med. Ayhan Benlik


In his early studies of human medicine, Dr. Benlik noticed that there had to be more than just learning symptomatic treatments in classical orthodox medicine since many diseases had unknown causes. 


As a result, he was introduced to Traditional Chineses Medicine (TCM) during his studies in human medicine. Later he underwent specialist training in anaesthesiology while simultaneously pursuing a three-year training course in TCM to deepen his knowledge. 


In a three-year period of practicing naturopathy, Dr. Benlik acquired knowledge of Western naturopathic methods and orthomolecular medicine. From his patients, he learned that a judicious of these methods resulted in the best healing outcomes. 


"I am now looking forward to expanding my knowledge and experience in treating the underlying causes of illnesses through biological methods at the BioMed Center Sonnenberg."

Career and academic studies

  • Study of human medicine in Würzburg/Berlin and Ulm

  • Specialist training in anaesthesiology at the University of Ulm, additional qualification in emergency medicine, many years as a senior physician for anaesthesiology and intensive care medicine

  • 3-year training in TCM at the Ulm Academy, additional qualification in acupuncture

  • 3 years of work in practice for naturopathy


Areas of specialization

  • Acupuncture
  • Phytotherapy
  • Orthomolecular medicine
  • Nutrition according to TCM
  • Kinesiological testing
  • Sonography
  • Neural therapy (in training)
  • Dark field microscopy (in training)