Pia Andrea Foglia

Medical practice assistant (MPA)


Her profession has taken her around the world. Pia Andrea lived for 8 years in Brazil and experienced a completely different side of medicine. The strength of nature has the power to balance the various shortcomings around the world. Nature puts the people at the center, and this is exactly what Pia Andrea and our team do in BioMed Center Sonnenberg. She is the head and heart of our nursing department, our head of nursing.


 “Health means for me to have the body, mind and heart in harmony.
If there are shortcomings they can be balanced using the strength from nature.”

Career and education

  • Medical practice assistant diploma
  • Dance and gymnastic teaching diploma
  • 3 years study of body psychotherapy and in particular the approach called formative psychology (Stanley Keleman) at OIP Zurich, Switzerland
  • 8 years overseas experience in Brazil