Martina Bischofberger

Medical Practice Assistant (MPA)


Martina has been fascinated by biological medicine for many years. Through years of collaboration, over 28 years, with Dr. Thomas Rau, she was able to build up her profound knowledge. With her experience and conviction in complementary medicine, she is there to support our patients.


«For me, it is always gratifying to see how people respond positively to biomedical treatments. That's why I can't imagine anything else than being able to practice this profession.»

Career & Education

  • Berit MPA School in St. Gallen
  • Afterwards 7 years of experience in a general medical practice
  • Experience in biological medicine for 28 years
  • Training in infusion therapy, ozone therapy, oncothermy, Iratherm, whole-body hyperthermia, bio-resonance therapy, thermography, ECG, X-ray technology (laboratory)